Limited Edition India 9 Raja Thread



This Thread for the Raja Bacpack features applique embroidered textiles from artisans of the Rabari tribe in and around Bhuj, India and is our most intricate Thread collection to date. 

One applique artwork the size of our Raja Thread takes a Rabari artisan 8-10 days to complete depending on the level of detail she decides to put into the piece. This Thread collection employed six Rabari women over the period of three months. We are very proud of this project and couldn’t be happier to share it with you! READ THE FULL STORY HERE.

  • 840-denier ballistic nylon main fabric
  • Country-flag label + ETK logo
  • Front zipper pocket can fit Letter-A4 sized documents, magazines and other accessories
  • Compression straps and snap buckles attach the Thread to the main bag as well as some of life’s accessories like yoga mat, tent poles, camera tripod etc.
  • Nylon Ripstop lining