Nahko & Medicine for the people - I Mua (Featuring Ethnotek).
Our homie, Nahko and his band Medicine for the People have been supporters of Ethnotek and our mission since the very beginning. They are doing amazing things and are always on the move with their Ethnotek bags. Their latest video I Mua features those bags and perfectly captures the spirit of both our tribes and the lives we live and lust for. Film by Grototote. Enjoy!
Summer Travel Collection (Featuring Cyclo Sling & Chiburi Travel Wallet in Burma)

We’re excited to announce the official launch of our Summer Travel Collection. Perfect for the vacation or the staycation, the new Cyclo Sling and Chiburi Travel Wallet are the ideal way for your customers to store their most important belongings on any adventure. These products also fit perfectly with the deluxe collection of Raja Packs, Wayu Packs, Acaat Messengers and Dep Totes – sharing the same beautifully handcrafted, socially conscious, cultural textiles that make our products so unique and highly sought-after.

Cham Village
Ethnotek travelled to Vietnam to meet with our Cham weaving village. This video introduces the artisans and gives an inside look into the intricate weaving techniques that create our colorful THREADS.

Cham Interview

Interview with Jaka from the Cham village to discuss ETHNOTEK's involvement with his community and the importance of being a global citizen.
Artist Series Collection (Featuring Shay McAnally in Austin, Texas, USA)
This video gives a glimpse into artist, Shay McAnally's process for the limited edition Artist Series Raja Threads he did for Ethnotek. These Threads and bags were amazing and sold out completely within a week. Stay tuned for our next collaboration, there are rumors flying around of another one happening in 2015. Shhh... 
Speeding trains, rice terraces, fire breathing, shadow puppets and temple hopping are just a handful of exciting things from our recent THREAD-sourcing trip to Indonesia.

This video is a compilation of footage from our various THREAD sourcing trips abroad. (Mostly from India).