We’re looking for a creative audience to help us brainstorm and develop a marketing and PR strategy for 2017. We have so many great brand stories, but are having a hard time prioritizing which stories to tell, how & when to tell them and with what tactics. Come jam out with us and help slice through all the colorful layers of Ethnotek. After browsing our website and reviewing the information on this page, please start forming some ideas about how we can supercharge our online traffic and conversion rate.


Our Tribe of customers are urban dwellers & commuters, 
travel often for work & play, and demand a product that functions seamlessly between both worlds. They value brands that give back and do good in the world. They want to know where their products are made and if it is made under fair conditions. They love color and express themselves through their accessories. Quality, utility and weather-proofing are of equal importance to look and feel - fashion does not outweigh function.  

Geography (online purchases):

  • 60% - USA & Canada
  • 20% - Asia Pacific
  • 10% - Europe/UK
  • 6% - United Arab Emirates
  • 4% - Central & South America

Behaviors & Lifestyle:

Tribe members love the outdoors, being active, are creative, value community and are into music and music shows/festivals. Ethnotek fits well with the yoga and surf crowd and our customers primarily use Apple laptops, phones and tablets. They are mindful of healthy eating and value environmental friendliness. Preferred mode of transportation is walking.

Buying Habits & Best sellers:

Though our customer base isn't wildly affluent ($45k - $65k annual salary assumed), they are not afraid of high prices. Our best selling bags are our highest price point items, (the Vietnam 5 & 6 Raja Pack $220). 

Current Convertors (in order of conversion strength):

  1. Newsletters - email marketing
  2. Facebook (currently averaging 3-to-1 conversion on ad-spend)
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter

  • Videos convert more than static images on Facebook. 
  • Our Tribe really likes when we're out in the community and sharing our adventures.
  • We see massive spikes in traffic when celebrities/ambassadors post about us. 
  • People who find us organically are mainly searching for our company name.
  • Our average conversion rate is 0.84% and should be around 4.0%.

    Weaknesses & Pain Points:

    1. Organizing and prioritizing what stories to tell.
    2. Ideas for campaigns, events, contests, collaborations etc. to increase traffic, engagement and ultimately conversion.
    3. Marketing timeline & content calendar for the year to optimize efficiency.
    4. PR - lack of internal experience, but hungry & motivated to learn.
    5. Budget management - spend on ads, events, people, SEO, PR?
    6. Can 4% conversion be achieved without a lofty budget?