We're looking for magnificent humans such as yourself to help us spread the word of our mission, provide amazing content to share with the world and to sell bags. We have four types of Tribe ambassadors, the details of which are noted below. If you're keen on joining the inner circle and becoming an ambassador, pick the type of ambassador you'd like to be and reach out to us per the listed instructions.

Ethnotek Ambassador

Photo Ambassador:

We're looking for photographers to help us provide stunning imagery to share on social media to help us spread the good word and to provide inspiration to our community by showing our bags out in the world and on wild adventures. You don't have to be a professional photographer by any means, just a good eye, clear sharp photos, creativity and samples of your work. We'll send you free swag to take out into the world with you to start building your library of awesome photos. All we ask in return is 5-10 photos per month emailed to Ethnotek and 1-2 photos per month posted on your own social media with @ethnotekbags and #etktribe tagged. 


Tribe Writer:

You have a way with words and are already a veracious travel blogger. We'd love if you'd join us as a guest writer and write one blog per month. As a thank you, we'll send you free swag.


Stoke Generator:

You're a stoked member of the Tribe, have a solid following of great people on social media and you're now hyped to spread the Ethnotek Tribe vibe to your community. We'll send you a batch of free gear as a thanks. We'll also provide you with your own login to our affiliate website where you can repost heaps of our ready-made content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Of course we'd love if you created your own as well! The more we spread the word, the more our artisans benefit. Tag @ethnotekbags & #etktribe.


Bag Slinger:

As a bag slinger you'll have your own personalized discount code to send to your friends, family and anyone else to buy bags on our website. And the best part, you'll earn cash! We have various reward levels and percentages earned per sale. Reach out to us to learn more. 


Lets get started!

If you're ready to become an ambassador, please email our Tribe Gatherer Tiffiny: tiffiny@ethnotekbags.com. In your email be sure to provide the following...

  • What type of ambassador you'd like to be.
  • Links to your social media.
  • Samples of your work (for photographers and writers).
  • Why you think you're a good fit as an #etktribe ambassador.

Woohoo, let's hook up!