Ethnotek, purveyor of socially responsible premium laptop bags and travel bags, 
is excited to announce the launch of their 2014 Summer Travel Collection. 
For Immediate Release
Ethnotek entered the mobile tech bag market in 2011 with a unique concept: the fusion between two seemingly disparate elements, Ethnology and Technology. From this fusion something special was born: a line of high quality laptop compatible backpacks, shoulder bags and accessories that merge handmade, culturally-rich textiles with technical features and functionality. Ethnotek’s mission is to keep culture alive through the celebration and promotion of world culture, using socially responsible laptop bags to tell the story of their partnering artisans in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.
Ethnotek is excited to announce the official launch of their 2014 Summer Travel Collection. Perfect for the vacation or the staycation, the new Cyclo Sling and Chiburi Travel Wallet are the ideal way to store your most important belongings on any adventure. They also fit perfectly with the deluxe collection of Raja Packs, Wayu Packs, Acaat Messengers and Dep Totes – sharing the same beautifully handcrafted, socially conscious, cultural textiles that make Ethnotek products unique and highly sought-after.
Named after a Vietnamese rickshaw-style bicycle, the Cyclo Sling is an innovative hybrid of a classic waist-bag, and a mini-messenger. Made to wear around your waist, or on the shoulder and diagonally across your back, this dynamic design can carry a surprising amount. Hidden pockets keep passports, plane tickets, and cash safe; while the easily accessible main compartment can store a light jacket, notebook, and tablet or cell phone.  The Tribe, Ethnotek’s customer community, has used the Cyclo Sling from Jazzfest in New Orleans, to motorbike-riding in the traffic of Vietnam’s busiest cities, passionately praising the ease-of-use and security of contents. Available in 7 different handmade fabrics, the technical design and construction of this rugged sling is a game-changer.
The Chiburi Travel Wallet takes its name from the Japanese god of ocean voyage who grants safe passage to travellers, and the wallet does just that for all your important documents. Packed with pockets and zippered compartments, the travel wallet was sized to perfectly fit your passport, boarding pass, additional currencies, business cards, chargers, pens, cell phone and more. Available in 7 fabrics that sustain tribal cultures around the globe, this travel wallet will inspire you to see the world and help you stay organized when you do.
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About Ethnotek: The Ethnotek Tribe is a small group of creative people with passion and dedication to the mission of spreading cultural appreciation and awareness. Their chosen medium to get the message out is high-quality, socially responsible laptop compatible backpacks, messenger bags and accessories that combine technical functionality and ethically sourced handmade textiles. Carry a piece of global heritage on your everyday or once-in-a-lifetime adventures.