Two Rajas Take on Four 14ers: Wandering Vines

"You don't really conquer a mountain. You conquer yourself. You overcome sickness and everything else - your pains, aches, fears - to reach the summit." - James Whittaker   

Check out Tribe members Kim and Kyle Vines on their blog, Wandering Vines.

Since snagging their Vietnam 6 and Ghana 19 Raja Packs a few months ago, they've traveled from Costa Rica, to four 14,000 foot mountains most recently. 

Here's an excerpt from their blog: "A long cold day in the Colorado Rockies. Kimberly and I hiked to the summit of four peaks over 14,000 feet (14ers): Mt. Democrat (14,148'), Mt. Cameron (14,240'), Mt. Lincoln (14,286') and Mt. Bross (14,172'). It was a great challenge and a rewarding accomplishment."

Check out the pictures below, and check out their blog for more!

Kim and Kyle: you've set the bar high - 14,000 feet high - for the Tribe! Thanks for making adventure travel a way of life...we're stoked to be a part of your journey.

Adventure away,

Tribe Scribe

October 05, 2013 by Tribe Scribe
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Kyle Vines

Kyle Vines said:

Thank you for so much for sharing our adventures! We are stoked on being members of an awesome tribe. Kim and I really appreciate what you all do to keep culture alive!

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