Letters from Ghana

Our limited-edition Ghana THREADs are back, and better than ever! Join us this week on facebook, as we learn about the Ghanaian textiles in our Letters from Ghana series.

The Ghana 17 featured in today's letter is wax-printed Akan Kente cloth. Kente was the cloth of the kings, and this particular cloth is one of the most iconic and well-known Kente styles throughout Ghana. We've been informed that this specific design and gold/orange, black and green arrangement was originally designed for the Royal family. After knowing this, one can feel pretty special cruising through the aisles of whole foods, or heading to class in the morning, kitted out with your Ghana 17. 

The limited-edition wax-printed fabrics featured in these THREADs are Fair-Trade Certified and came directly from the hands of our artisans in Ghana, Africa. Constructed of 840-denier water resistant ballistic nylon and lined with culture (woven fabric handcrafted in our partnering village in central Vietnam), our packs are designed to handle anything from your home to office commute, a weekend camping trip, or an all-out adventure abroad.

Only catch is, we only have 20 pieces of each style - so treat yourself like a king, and swoop one up today, before they're gone. 

Snag a pack for that special someone on your holiday list, or (even better) yourself! It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Safe and happy (Ghana) travels, 

Tribe Scribe
November 19, 2012 by Tribe Scribe
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