Life saving soap

Jack’s Soap has a simple mission: save children through the simple prevention of bacteria, with soap. The company is achieving its mission through a buy one, give one model—for every bar of soap purchased, the social business gives a bar of soap to a child in need.

Another really great part of their business is their attention to detail and support for local business; "Instead of sending an exact replica of the soap you purchased, Jack’s works in conjunction with local soap makers to not only bolster the local economy, but to reduce our carbon footprint by giving away locally produced, specially formulated soap,” say the peeps at Jack's.

Although we are a bit skeptical of so many new social businesses adopting the "one-for-one" model, you can't argue with the reality that soap prevents disease carrying bacteria and that can in fact, save lives. So, good on ya guys!!!

Their website here!
January 20, 2012 by Jacob Orak
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Sarmad said:

A wonderful initiative.

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