Tinne Van Loon

Hey everyone, 

Please meet customer and fellow tribe member Tinne Van Loon! We were so impressed by her design work, philosophy, and of course taste in bags, that we decided to spotlight her this week. Check out Tinne's stunning travel photos here: http://mswayfarer.com/ 

I’m Tinne Van Loon, a graphic designer who is interested in humanity. I design with people in mind, and it shows throughout my work. Whether it manifests itself in approaching interactive design on a user experience standpoint, or exploring the implications of culture and language in everyday life; the overarching theme has continually been people. I am a designer at Thirst in Chicago.

Check out Tinne's design folio here: http://tinnevanloon.com/

Rock on with your bad self Tinne!

September 06, 2011 by Jacob Orak
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