Minneapolis Tidbits Spotlights Ethnotek Bags

Tidbits is the essential tool for the style-conscious modern woman. They cover what's chic and locally-owned in their cities, and they only cover what they love. Cheers to Minneapolis Tidbits for the shout-out last week prior to our event at featured retailer Cliche! Read more below...

Excellent Adventurer

International Style Statement...

Your choice of bag each day depends on your outfit, which depends on your mood, which depends on how much you drank the night before. So you need roughly 17 bags to choose from on any given day. 

Save some bucks and grab one great travel bag with interchangable looks, courtesy of the all-new styles from local Ethnotek. Handcrafted by artisans all over the world, the carry-alls are travel gems that come with interchangeable THREADs, AKA a removable front panel, to go with any mood you're in. From stripes to ikat to solids, you'll have your pick.

If only swapping out the bags under your tired eyes was this easy.

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