Our Mission is to Keep Culture Alive
The one thing all of our weavers and artisans have in common is the fact that their craft is dying out. Every year they experience less and less local demand for their fabrics due to low yield and long lead times. Traditional techniques are quickly being replaced by machines and factory labor in major cities, drastically reducing the amount of jobs and industry in the regions where it is needed most. By creating new demand for these traditional handcraft practices, we are in a sense forging an effort to keep them alive and well and in the same villages from which they came. 

Cham Village
In October 2011, we travelled to Vietnam to meet with our Cham weaving village. This video introduces the artisans and gives an inside look into the intricate weaving techniques that create our colorful THREADS.

Cham Interview

Interview with Jaka from the Cham village to discuss ETHNOTEK's involvement with his community and the importance of being a global citizen.
Come read our travel journal for a deep and personal inside look into Cham culture.

Speeding trains, rice terraces, fire breathing, shadow puppets and temple hopping are just a handful of exciting things from our recent THREAD-sourcing trip to Indonesia.

This video is a compilation of footage from our various THREAD sourcing trips abroad. (Mostly from India).